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Sarah Milne

Personal Trainer and Running Coach

Tailored Training sessions based in and around Epping Forest, East London

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I believe that anyone can improve their health and well-being through regular training.

With the right tailored training programme we can work on your fitness and strength, taking into account any physical considerations to help you reach your full potential.

I have been a trainer since 2010 and have a wealth of experience in areas ranging from running, martial arts and strength training to yoga and Pilates and have a particular interest in women's health, confidence building and tapping into what works in a bespoke way for each client.

Clients find training outdoors of great benefit to them, whether its in the fresh air of their garden, a local park setting or even the marshes or plains surrounding the green spaces of East London.

I listen closely to clients and their challenges and try to establish a way to work with those building up confidence, momentum and most of all the energy to try new workouts once they are increasing their capabilities and flow.

I keep informed of research and developments in health and training to ensure a wide knowledge base and to be the best trainer I can be.

My experience and specifications 

- Level 3 Qualified PT CIMSPA

- First Aid qualified

- Certified Pre and Post natal trainer

- Boxing and martial arts padwork       certified trainer.

- Training in Exercise Strategy from Perimenopause to Postmenopause (Fitpro) 

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For pricing, packages or more information, please get in touch.

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What I include in my PT Sessions/packages.

- Initial consultation to learn more about you and your training goals. 

- 1 hour training session 

- Nutritional analysis and recommendation. 

- Supplementary home workout

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Client Reviews

Louise, Lawyer

"I started seeing Sarah after the birth of my daughter with the hope that I'd be able to build back some core strength and lose some of my 'baby weight'. I'd had other trainers before and had always felt they had a one-size-fits-all approach, but Sarah was different. She listens and gives you the confidence to do things outside of your comfort zone without pushing. I really feel like every session is tailored to my changing needs, always against the backdrop of the beautiful Epping Forest. She chats me through meal plans without being dogmatic. Most importantly, Sarah is friendly and approachable so I feel like I'm training with a friend (and I guess I am!)

Now a year on, I'm stronger and healthier and leaner and I owe most of this to Sarah.”

Tom S, Director 

“Sarah is amazing - a true highlight of lockdown! When permitted, we would do intense work outs in the park - or else 30 minute blasts on zoom.  She would always be incredibly creative and inventive with the exercises whether outdoors or inside, utilising whatever I had to hand if we couldn’t get together. Sarah knows exactly what you need and keeps tailoring and refining the sessions to keep you on your toes! I ll never go back to a gym - now I have Sarah and her amazing box of tricks! She also pushes you hard while at the same time making everything light and fun. So even when I am a sweaty, exhausted mess on the floor, I somehow feel that I’ve just had a good time”

Antoinette, Business owner

"My sessions with Sarah started a few years ago. I wanted to get strong, feel fit and lose some weight. After a few months I became all three. She worked with my schedule, worked out a plan of action and her chats and encouragement meant the world. 

Now in my menopause, Sarah makes sure I keep building my strength as well as incorporating lots of stretching. It has changed how I feel every I'm a new person. These PT sessions have become as important to my mental health as my physical health”

Lee, Artist and Grants officer

"When I first started my sessions with Sarah several years ago I already considered myself pretty fit as a keen runner and cyclist. However, a couple of running injuries plus increasing discomfort on long rides suggested otherwise. Sarah has worked on my core strength and flexibility, helped with nutrition and taught me how to train smarter. I now rarely get injuries, my running has improved and I can cycle for hours without shoulder and back ache. In my late forties I feel stronger than ever and have a far healthier approach towards my body"

Mike F, Chartered Accountant

"I had assumed for many years that joints and limbs just wear with age. Sarah has taught me that reversal of long held resignation and captivity to this situation is within reach. The work that Sarah does causes me to reflect upon a wide range of factors that impact upon well being, her counsel in such matters has proven truly invaluable”

Sara, HR and training director

"Sarah is a friendly, personable trainer. Within the first few weeks of training I saw results and a positive change in my health and my body. The sessions are fun and different each week keeping it interesting. They are challenging and enjoyable and tailored not only to your physical abilities but also to your mental ability.

Training via Zoom since I have relocated doesn't lose the 1 - 1 experience and the convenience works well with my lifestyle. I would thoroughly recommend training with Sarah”

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